Sunday, April 29, 2012

General: Best country to emigrate to

Most countries are in a deep financial crisis, that's almost a general rule these days, but there are still some countries that are a little better than others if you know what i mean, so I'll just try to find the best country to emigrate to.

Well, what makes a good country to emigrate is largely subjective, each person knows what's best for them self and by that it's difficult to objectively choose one country to be the best, but in order to reach it you must take the political system, the economic state, the prospects, the general opinion, the competitively and the quality of life.

The country that fills almost all these requisites perfectly is New Zeland, it's a developed country, with a low unemployment rate, a great political system, it's stable, it offers high income especially for people with a high education, it's pretty accepting of foreigners and it it a great place to start a life, the capital city and Auckland are incredible in the offering of jobs and it makes it much easier to move in, also you get to be in a place that is extremely developed and chosen one of the 10 best places to live in 2011.

Right now New Zeland is the best place to go if you are considering emigration.

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