Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Offbeat: What is Anonymous and What is "The Plan"?

You must have all heard of Anonymous.
It's basically an idea of change, you could have heard of all the hacking made in this name, all the government pages and all the corporate pages.
Some companies even claim that this hacking activity cost them thousands of dollars, all these hacking activities were done in name of Anonymous, but what most people don't know is that Anonymous is not a group of hackers or terrorists as many people call them...

Anonymous is an idea, it's a concept of freedom with the ultimate objective of making the world a fair and better place, and if you ask me that's a great idea, many have tried, of course some individuals may take this concept and act in it's name and is that such a bad thing? People are taking control of their lives, they are stepping forward and taking a stand and that's what the world needs, people with the genuine moral will to do what's right, to fight for a cause, to take a stand and say no more.

People should expect more from their government, people should expect more from their lives, people should be able to live in their own terms, people should take control, people that actually do this adopt the philosophy of Anonymous, and that's a pretty good one, they are named terrorists but if you do what you believe is right, fighting for your right while being abused for an inconsiderate, corrupt government and just expect what is rightfully yours does that make you a terrorist?

If you ask me i think that this movement might just be what the world needs, as you all know the world today is basically good for who is born rich and for the rest of the people it's a one in a million that don't have to struggle just to be broke, for most people the system doesn't work, shouldn't it be the other way around? shouldn't the system work for most of us? Don't get me wrong, i think that who works should have everything that they work tor, not half their money taken away in taxes just for corporate bailouts with no regard for moral hazard, the system is corrupt, don't let yourselves be blindfolded, think, think hard about everything, don't just settle and accept everything that is tossed at you; think, be critical, in today's world you should be able to find a lot of things wrong.

The rules are there to prevent disaster, i know, the rules are like a safety net, an insurance policy against disaster but instead of preventing disaster thay ashore mediocrity, and for that we have to tank our government, this ideas are born from this injustices, they grow by corruption and die when the system becomes fair, so can you really call them terrorists or maybe they are more like dreamers?

Just finishing with an Anonymous touch, "we are Anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget, expect us"

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