Thursday, April 5, 2012

General: Beginners in the stock market: 6 starter tips

In here i am going to give you 6 tips that i think are crucial for starting investors.

1- Investing is not a hobby, it will take a lot of you time, attention and dedication.
It's your money there, you should take it seriously.

2-Find a good investment management software, nowadays you can even find it online, it will be a great help for you.

3-Learn to manage money. Even if it's personal savings it's a start.

4-Read widely, nothing is going to give you as many insights as reading the paper and a little more everyday, the more you read the better prepared you will be.

5-Practice makes perfect. You can't expect to know all when you Begin, but you can expect to learn with time, let the ball roll and you may be surprised.

6-Never lose.
You should never make high stakes investments with a high risk rate, be care full, don't try to make a home run, build your portfolio, later you will have your chance to risk


  1. Definitely agree that to start investing, one need to learn how to manage money properly... it is crucial!

  2. Great starter tips! Handy for anyone just starting out - thanks for sharing.