Sunday, April 15, 2012

Web income: Tumblr

Tumblr is a social news website, 39 in the Alexa rank, it's a site that basically, like any other social news website it lets you share whatever you want with the rest of the world and your close friends in the most practical way. We are here to look into it and try to discover how much tumblr is worth and how much does it make.

To start-off we take the pageviews, Tumblr has approximately 25,641,026pageviews per day, it's really something but what really mathers is how much income it gets, of coarse the pageviews have a great deal of importance but Tumblr doesn't really use much advertising space, it leave it with about 77,000$ per day, still a dreamy amount for most people, I presume. This would leave us at about  28,000,000$ per year, that is a lot of money.

Like any other extremely trendy website Tumblr is worth a lot, about 56,150,000$ and it has enough income for any person to feel happy, it also has an extremely low bounce rate and most users come back regularly.

It is also one of the few websites that is increasing it's value and is expected to continue to do so, it's an amazing deal.

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