Friday, April 6, 2012

Web income: 9gag

9gag logo
On this post we are going to figure out everything about 9gag, we're talking revenues, net value, pageviews, everything that is financially interesting about it,
For who doesn't know is a great website by Rollin egg, it's basically a platform for users to submit posts (gags) and the whole community votes it, going from a voting stage, to trending, to hot, divided into 3 pages so to speak, with a growing number of views in that order.

Well, 9gag has about 4.219.410 pageviews per day, that is surprising for a website with about 4 years, nowadays the daily income is about  12.500$, that would leave you with an annual income of 4.500.000$, that is a real number.

9gag is also extremely famous for being one of the websites with the lowest bounce rate in the entire web, today the website that started as a simples project by friends is worth about 9.250.000$, that's over 9 million dollars, for a simple project it showed amazing growth, all you can say is keep up the good work, despite it's recent loss of market value it is still an amazing spot that i would recommend to everyone, if you don't know it check it out.

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