Tuesday, April 10, 2012

General: Money in sports

Money in sports
Most people think that there is a lot of money in sports, let's talk about that.

To say that you have to know how do people make money in sports, well there are basically 3 ways:

Player exchange- You have a player in your club, when he is transferred to another club you can make money or lose money. There is also the chance that a player that has been training in the academy of a club goes to another club, in that case you can only make money. Then there are contract clauses that can make the buyer spend a lot more than he should, thins is the obvious way.

Team ads- It's fairly simple. the ad from a corporation is printed on the player's shirts and for that exposure the company has to pay a given value, usually is quite high because you get your brand connected with a football team so you get a great market share between the fans, it's common to see it even in small clubs.

League- Either a league or a cup always has sponsors, it works basically like an ad, its extremely expensive to sponsor a league or cup, you get a great exposure but you have to pay for it, you get you name associated with a sport and that is a great advantage if you have a close competitor (for example in the brewery industry), that's where the money comes to the prizes for all the teams, divided by the rank with they have placed.

So, yeah there is a lot of money in sports, it would be healthy to make a limit for it, but it would still tend to increase the amount of money in it, it's just how it works.

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