Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Web income: Google

Google image
Google is so much more than a website, it has resources that almost everyone in the world uses, it's now the backbone of the Internet so to speak, bloggers use it tpo publish ads or to advertise themselves, it's more that a search engine, it's a toolbox for almost all the cyberspace and it's an essential tool for these days, many businesses would be ruined if google went down, so, more important than how much it makes is to really understand how much it means, i already gave you a taste of that, I'm shore that everyone has some resources on google and finds it irreplaceable as i do.

Because of that need google gets 1 billion pageviews per day, it's the most visited website worldwide and also the most profitable with a daily income of 3 Million $, that is almost unbelievable, if you do the math you are looking at almost 1billion dollars a year of revenue, it's something else.

As you can imagine we are looking at an unbelievably high Net value, the highest on the entire web, if you were to buy google right now you would have to have more than 2 billion $ to spend, google is one of the largest and most valuable corporations in the world, but for a good reason, it provides quality service, essential service and it continues to expand and to improve, so the sky is the limit for this multinational corporation that is slowly becoming irreplaceable on the Internet, all we can do is wish you the best and keep up the great work.

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