Tuesday, April 10, 2012

General: Canada vs USA

There has always been a small competition between the United States of America and Canada, and we are usually forced to believe that USA is better, it's on every tv series, movies, you name it, but is it really? Or maybe is it just in the movies?
By looking at some stats you can find your answer quick enough.

It's fairly simples to compare two countries, most people say it is extremal complicated, it's judgemental, but if you focus on what really mathers it's actually very simple.

In the US you have a greater divorce rate, a greater percentage of population who abuses alcohol, a greater obesity rate on every single age level, a 3 times higher murder rate that in Canada that requires 11 times the police enforcement and leads to a share of arrested population 7 times higher that in Canada.

In the US you also have a higher unemployment rate, a higher public and private debt, meanwhile in Canada the life expectancy is higher, the education is clearly better and it's also proven, not that it has to for someone to reach that conclusion and the GDP per capita is also higher in Canada.

Most f this you could take just by knowing that 70% of Americans don't know what is the constitution, hell they see the USA as America.

So, and in sum, if you want to become a unemployed divorced alcoholic obese constantly obsessed about getting murdered while your country is drowning in debt then the United States is the country for you, if you want a good long life, with more educated people and a higher salary you better choose Canada, it's the smart choice.

Is it hard to compare countries? I don't see it. Do you?

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