Saturday, April 21, 2012

Offbeat: Education VS creativity

As almost everybody knows with the current education system education and creativity can not coexist (with some rare exceptions), nowadays people are not taught to try to amount to something that is really what they want, instead they are driven to the most typical jobs with no regard for the unique set of skills that each one has, so which should you choose?

Well the best would be to be able to choose both but seen that you can't what's best?

If you choose to be creative and dismiss education odds are you will end up working for a minimum salary doing something you like but it's not really at the level that you want and it probably will not pay you enough to do everything you want, but still it's what you want..

If you choose to get an education you will probably end up working for slightly above minimum wage, doing something safe that you never wanted to do, but if you look at it with the student loans you will have to pay the financial stability won't be what you expect...

So you are forced to choose between spending an insane amount of money to get a higher education to do something you don't want to do or you can save that money and just keep your creativity and do something you like. Hard choice right?

There is one exception to that, when you study what you really want to learn, in that situation you have a really bright future ahead, you will have the tools to develop and the passion to stick to the job.

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