Saturday, April 21, 2012

General: Similarities between relationships and business

Relationships and business
Wheel if you think about it relationships are quite similar to the business world, if you think about a relationship like a company you can identify a lot of things in common, let's see...

In a company you either have a great start and it rises quite fast or you have a weak start and things progress slowly, also it takes work all the way through, you always have to reinvest in the company for it to be able to be productive, that's the problem in most companies and the reason why they do not grow (as in relationships), it's of major importance that you constantly reinvest, otherwise it's almost impossible to increase your market value and your profits, and you are always risking everything you put in it, so if you are going to invest be sure that it's the best choice

Also you have liabilities, nevertheless you should always have some equity, the more the merrier, in equity we can sum up investment and profits, basically those are your concerns, if both those aspects are solid you have a solid relationship or company, it's a sign that you are doing good.

Most companies also have a timeline, a beginning, a middle and an end, those companies are not well managed, if they were they could live on forever, there is a difference between being rich and being wealthy, a rich person has money, but that money (relationship) will end eventually, a wealthy person has solid income sources (relationships) and those will be able to support him or her for the rest on his or hers life, that is if he knows how to manage them.

Also and most importantly you should always consider the opportunity cost, if you have something better on another place don't waste your time in that company (relationship), it's a bad choice, it might look good at first but you will end up with regret for not following what's best for you and wining about what you could have done, so think well about what you are going to put yourself in.

So, to sum up, relationships and any business venture have a way of starting, slow, or fast, they both have liabilities, you will always have to create opportunities and risk a big failure, they have a timeline and there is always a cost of opportunity, but most importantly they require work, it doesn't mather if it is rock solid or just starting it will always require work but if you play your cards right you will always get something important from it.

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