Saturday, April 21, 2012

General: Are highly paid careers really a dream?

Student debt
Most people think that you just get a degree and you are all set, but is it really?

If you want to know wich are the highest paid careers in the US the link is right here.

Well, if you do simple math it becomes a little more blurry than that.

Most people think of careers as medicine and law as highly lucrative careers but think again, on these careers you usually get about 100.000$ or 150.000$ is study related debts and you loose the chance to get job experience and an income that could serve you to invest, so you are loosing a lot to study, you loose money and the opportunity to make money. what most people think is that after this you will get a great job and get paid a lot right?
Guess again, most student that finish these degrees (or any other) don't start getting a great paycheck, they receive a normal paycheck, after a few years just a little above average and usually cary this debt for many years and it is a real concern, it prevents you from a lot.

You'd think i am of the opinion that you should not get an education. Well, for most people it's hopeless, you might as well burn your money, some people, even if they do get a degree they will finish the degree knowing nothing but what they knew before (most students really); what I'm saying is that you you do go and get higher education choose something you are genuinely passioned about, not what is more socially appropriate, be genuine, because in any situation in you life the part that of you that generates great results is passion, if you are passioned about what you do the income will appear and you will get the recognition that you want.

All that you can expect from education is getting better if you are genuinely interested in what you are doing, otherwise just don't do it, if you don't like what you do or study you are just wasting your time with education, if you do not have the desire to pursuit knowledge in any area just save the money and get a job and start earning job experience and personal income, this may seem cold but in the ling run it's for the best.

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