Friday, April 20, 2012

Offbeat: Facebook

As promised a follow up article about facebook.
If you want to read the first article about the income of facebook the link is right here.

Well there are many things that people don't know about facebook, some are really clear, facebook is making this generation worse by the moment, some things are not meant to be shared, especially when nobody cares, there are many habits that should not be taken on by anyone that facebook encourages; it makes people addicted to it very fast and not for the best reasons. Also you get a lot more people approaching a dangerous leaves of stupidity, not everyone, but a larger percentage than you expect, but let's get to the point.
Facebook does not delete any of your data, shares, likes or whatever, it's privacy policy is a joke and in practice nonexistent, for many people it's not a problem but for some it's a huge problem, you might think that this does not affect you but just from the top of my head; imagine that you downloaded a movie and share it on facebook, you are exposing yourself to a law suit.

Facebook has been said to sell those personal information, it's not easy to prove but there must be a degree of truth given the number of complaints, it is crucial that everyone realize that for an average user facebook knows more about you than your family and that information is not deletable, personal or shared with boundaries, it's public and will always be.

Of course it has positive effects, it has never been so easy to share ideas as it is today and that is in great part due to facebook, that's positive, it makes ideas spread faster, especially good for good ideas, the problems is that facebook doesn't run on good ideas.

So overall is it good?

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