Thursday, April 19, 2012

Web income: How do websites make money?

It's actually a very simple question, but most people have the wrong idea, it's not just having pageviews and you make money, it's more complex than that.

The most common way is through affiliate programs.
This means that you get affiliated with a corporation and you promote their products or the products that they want to advertise, the most common ways to get paid for that are through commission (you get a part of the value of a product you helped to sell by implementing an ad) through RPM (this means that you get paid a fixed value for each 1000 ad prints or 1000 pageviews or ad views) CPC (cost per click, it means that you get paid fr each click on one ad).

This is a very easy way to get money from a website and it's the one used for many websites, google came to revolutionize that with AdSense, that makes possible for everyone to make money online.

For big websites you have direct advertising, you rent a part of your website to a direct advertiser that pays you for that space so that he can advertise there, it can be on any of the forms that are practiced on the affiliate programs or simply a monthly fee.

Some websites also have products to sell, mostly ebooks, it's extremely normal to make a lot from these especially if you have great content or skills to share, curiously most of the ebooks online are about blogging.

If you want to make money from a website it's pretty simple and it comes down to just a couple of things.
You must have original content, continuously work on your website, promote your website and your content and try to make it engaging for users to come back, if you can do each of these steps well you should have no problem having a profitable website or blog.

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