Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Web income: Facebook

I'm sure that many people have wondered how much does Facebook make, I'm also sure that some have thought of reasonable values but still we should get a pretty close estimate to see how many of you have got close to the number. I'm fairly certain that most people have no idea of the values involved on this.

Facebook gets about 500,000,000 pageviews per day, it's number 2 in the most visited websites, right after google, what most people have to understand is that facebook and google have very different founders, google had everything to work and the money involved is unimaginable, a social network reaching these values is unprecedented and despite everything it is amazing.

These 500,000,000 pageviews per day generate about $1,500,000 per day, one and a half million per day is absolutely amazing, many people can just dream of that income, this enormous income when translated to years is about $547,500,000 per year, with that you can get a lot of fun toys.

This website is now worth $1,095,000,000 and what makes it amazing is how it started, it's just a kid who quit Harvard and made a killing with an idea, not many people have that courage, he wasn't the wealthiest and he made it work and that is amazing.

I'll make an offbeat follow up on facebook in a couple of days just to get some facts straight, but that's for latter, for now if you want to check out some other web incomes feel free to do it, as well as any other topics.

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