Thursday, April 19, 2012

Offbeat: The difference between students and prisoners

There are a lot of differences between students and prisoners, that's not what I'm going for, what I want to pass on is the difference in how the state and consequently the government treats each of those completely different classes of people.

You would think that a student would be more important to the state than a prisoner, right? I mean prisoners should get the minimum conditions for whatever they did (the minimum human needs of course, let's not be animals) and the student would have a lot of attention because they are the future and can't provide for themselves and having in mind that the average cost of rising a kid can rise up to 200.000$ (depending on your country it can be even higher) you would think that the average spending on a student would be higher than the average spending on a prisoner but guess again.

As you can see by the image above, regarding the state of Michigan (but it repeats all over the world, especially Norway) the average spending per prisoner is significantly higher the the average spending per student, but what does this mean?

Well, in a very simple assessment you can realize that for the state it is more important to make sure that the prisoners are comfortable after a murder than to make sure that a kid has a bright future, this is the stone cold truth (I'm sure that most politicians also consider the possibility that they are going to end up in the same situation, so the more they invest in prisons and prisoners the alternative of a bad future is not so bad).

It's almost unbelievable that the education today is so undermined that students  get less attention and investment than prisoners, this is the reason why the world is how it is, because our governors, the people that should try to make sure that the entire population lives in the best way possible care more about giving opportunities to people who don't deserve it, for the government it is more important to make sure that who does nothing will get something then to make sure that people who work and do their very best to have something more. It's the reality that we live in, the people are constantly trapped by money and can do nothing but to live breathe and work and if one of those stops it's over, meanwhile prisoners are having all handed to them in a silver platter.

This raises a question... Who are really the prisoners?

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