Saturday, April 14, 2012

General: Spain's solution to pay debts

Recently in Spain there was a controversial possible solution to the Spanish debt.
The idea was to legalize a plantation of cannabis in a city near Barcelona and use the profits to pay-off the debt.

In Spain it's legal to have and plant small quantities of cannabis for personal consumption but illegal to plant large quantities for business purposes, so there was a legal barrier.

So it was solved in referendum, it the positive answers were over 75% the plantation of cannabis would be legalized and Spain could have a great deal of help to pay-off the debts, unfortunately it only reached about 60% so the law remained and the idea was dusted but still it would be a great idea a great opportunity to trump the crisis.

We are are sill waiting for good ideas like this, even though the idea did not go through we can still take some lessons from it. To trump crisis we need to be innovative and make original decisions, it's a first step for a wider range of policies and who knows maybe the solution to this financial crisis is in one of this original ideas.

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