Wednesday, April 4, 2012

General: For young investors

If you are in your 20's and you are thinking about investing there are some things you should know and some rules you should follow.
Almost every Young investor Wat's to be the next big thing, you want to find that stock that will turn 1000$ into 1 million, that is a really hard thing to do, it rarely happens, so don't expect to be that lucky.
You should never think just about best case scenarios, most young investor, specially men dream about having invested in google or Facebook or even Microsoft in the old days, it's not what it is cut out to be, at the beginning you are looking at a high risk, even if you pick it you probably would leave it during the losses.
The best way to invest is with a controlled risk, don't try to be the next big thing running on high stakes, take the safe choice, control your portfolio, eventually you will have more experience, more insights and when you have some more investment capacity you can set a part of your income aside to make those high risk cosies, and who knows, you can really pick the stock of the year, but sill don't forget, the most important rule in investments and stock exchange is: never lose money, you'll get it.

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