Wednesday, April 4, 2012

General: World stock exchanges

Every part of the worlds has it's own stock market.
Some are more active then others, some are safer, others are unstable, and some sometimes come to unbelievable losses in months or less.
Some examples are given in the Capital loss blog.

Chances are you don't invest, but if you do you probably look into your country. Take time to watch other markets, some may really surprise you.

Even though most people think investments are just blind luck, they are not, if you take time to watch financial programs, news and you don't skip the economic part of the newspaper you will start to gain some insides on business and markets, you will realize that some companies are doing better than others.

Even if you have no training in finance it's not so hard to learn how to invest, you can pick your stock based on many information, critical thinking, news, market knowledge, insights on a company, you name it, if you can find a logical way to pick stocks you are already thinking like a stockbroker.

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