Thursday, April 12, 2012

General: Apple is now the most valuable company in the world.

Apple logo, the logo of the most valuable company in the world
Apple has already surpassed the 600 billion dollars milestone and is currently the most valuable company in the world, it's a great example of how companies can bounce back and make a tech boom that 10 years ago no one expected.

Apples shares are now being traded at almost 650$, it's quite expensive but so far everyone is happy with it, if you think that just in February the stocks were being traded at 500$ and in 97 a sock wasn't even worth 4 dollars, apple had an amazing increase in value, just think that if you had invested 1000 dollars in 97 you would now be holding more than 200.000$ and i am not even counting dividends, it shore makes you want to go back and put all you money in there, of course that in that time Microsoft was in a boom so no one even cared about Apple, but look at it now.

Now all the analyst are expecting another boom for this corporation that seems not to have any boundaries for growth, i can just say great job and for the ones that have money invested for more that 3 years, nice bet, it was really worth it.

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