Tuesday, April 10, 2012

General: Monaco's paradise

Monaco city state panoramic
Monaco is a city-state south of France with about 2 square kilometers of total area but makes it count, it's one of the best places in the world to live in right now and on the past years and much likely in future years, the official language is french but nowadays there are a lot of immigrants so English plays a crucial role in the countrie's communication.

Monaco is known for it's appeal to tycoons, probably because it is a fiscal paradise, there are a lot of taxes that are not paid there, it's main sources of revenue are casinos and tourism but the financial sector is also pretty active, it's a country in solid growth, and it's increase in GDP in the last years, reaching 6.888 billion $ in 2011 are the proof, and it's not just for they national antom "Deo juvante" ("with god's hel"p) it's much more than that, much more.

It's a unique space with great opportunities, if you just see their 0% unemployment rate and 30.000$ average salary you just want to fly out there right now, and you should, it's a great country but the immigration rules are a bit strict, if you just want to study it's quite easy, but to work you must find a house and a job, it's not so hard but it's necessary, you also have to have some kind of proof that you can provide for yourself, a job or some money saved up, it's not so easy because Monaco has an extremely expensive lifestyle, but if you can i strongly advise you to do it, it's a great country full of opportunities just waiting to be grabbed, so what are you waiting for?

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