Tuesday, April 3, 2012

General: How to start a movement?

To start a movement you need just 2 things: a leader and a follower.ยบ
The leader has to be OK with being exposed to ridicule, later you have the first follower, the job of the leader at this stage is simply being there to accept him as equal, and what was a loner no longer is.
The first follower is actually an underestimated form of leadership, it takes the same guts as the leader to be the first follower.
Then you have the second follower, and what was just 2 persons just became a movement, 3 is a crowd and a crowd is news, it is now a movement, the word spreads faster, the movement starts to grow at a fast rate until it reaches a peak and establishes itself, the duration of the movement depends, each one is unique, for it to work the leader really needed that firs follower, think about that.

Great speach on the subject by Dereck Silvers.
Video on the link
How to start a movement, by Dereck Silvers 

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