Thursday, April 5, 2012

Web income: Nigahiga

Following up on the last post let's check out how mutch does nigahiga makes on youtube.

Nigahiga is a Youtube celeberty, he gets about 1 million views per day, he was the most suscribed youtuber for a while, now that spot belongs to Ray William Johnson.

Nigahiga (Ryan Higa) gets about 1 million views per day, if you take in accout the usual youtube payment you get about 2.000$ per day, give or take a couple of $.

So if you take that to a year you'll get about 730.000$ per year.
Ryan has no production company and his post are somehow iregular, still he usualy uses friends, probably he does not have to share the income with his friends, it's just a colaboration, everybody gets free advertizing and has fun.

So Ryan Higa's yearly paycheck should be about 725.000$, excluding merchandising and considering some production costs.

If you don't know him, check him out: Nigahiga's youtube channel

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